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India Today And Tomorrow Essay Typer

India today and tomorrow

From one of the poorest countries in the world with a highly regulated business regime, we seem to be freeing ourselves from the shackles and become a forward looking, growth oriented economy. Poverty is decreasing but, but at a speed that is far insufficient. We need to bring depth to our reforms process so that it seeps to the poor man in terms of education, jobs, and an increase in per capita income, etc.

Some of the things which we have make us a great country - a vibrant democracy, flexibility, religious tolerance, youthful demography (versus some other countries that are baby boomers), and a great desire to succeed. What we still lack is the combined vision on several fronts including infrastructure, anti-corruption drive, and competitive positioning. Be it water, electricity, roads, ports, or airports we need several times improvement over what we have. Corruption is absolutely undesirable but it is everywhere in the world. What we need to follow is the Singapore Model that has ‘zero tolerance’ for corruption so that it is no longer institutionalized and the country gains some respect in global markets. On the competitive positioning, I personally find that India is much more expensive in everything except labor at the quality parity and we need to work hard to change this situation.

One of the ways to expand job opportunities to the poorest is the growth of sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, and fisheries. Unfortunately we have not done so well in this area, compared to countries like China. Without the infrastructure basics like roads and ports, even if you have world-class manufacturing or farming, it is not going to be possible to have the goods reach at the right time at the right place. Global markets are too tough and there is no scope for error. But the growth rate of infrastructure in India is still dismal.

I remember the days when the telecom minister used to take pride in the fact that India had the lowest density of phones because it was not possible to provide phones to crores of people and waiting lists used to be years long. After privatizing, India became one of the fastest growing markets and it has created hundreds of thousands of jobs, lots of wealth, as well as opportunities in ancillary industries. We should ask the same minister, how is it possible now to give a phone connection to anyone who wants it in just 2 hours instead of years of begging with telecom department? Same thing holds good for electricity, water, roads, airports, and ports as there is a desire to pay for quality and there is huge need for the same. But the regulatory regime still slows everything down in spite of the ‘so called reforms’.

I have been to over 40 countries and one of the important worries I have is that India is getting too expensive for comparable quality of goods, to the exception of labor. I can find an equivalent hotel in London or Tokyo cheaper than it is in Delhi or Bangalore, and so on. The cost of a lunch in a hygienic restaurant here exceeds that of a lunch in a similar restaurant in the developed world. Cost of hiring a car (obviously with a driver as you can’t drive yourself due to the poor infrastructure conditions) can be much higher than that in the U.S. In the competitive countries’ ranking we continue to be in the bottom ten, being less competitive from cost-productivity stand point. Our government and businesses need to take cognizance of the same and work on it to change the situation.

Anywhere in the world, Indians stand out as exceptional people with their intelligence and work ethics. We just need to work on some of the things at our end to make India one of the most competitive and powerful forces in the world. Eradicating poverty to a considerable extent and removing the stigma of ‘corruption’ are important.

I believe that our increasing middle class population and its spending power could be a boon to the country rather than a curse if the Government truly provides good governance and improves some of the things that I just talked about.

In spite of having lived outside of India for 12 years, I take a lot of pride in being an Indian and my pride continues to increase every moment.
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Essay Topic : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Posted Date: |Updated: 08-Mar-2017 |Category: Essays|Author: Lonika Ghosh|Member Level: Gold|Points: 20|

Bringing forward one of my favorites as well as one of the most practical essay topics one would witness in life. This topic is such a one which has a great influence on children as well as working professionals. Sometime or the other each and every individual has to face this topic in one form or the other.

One usually faces a few common types of essays generally based on the type of work space he or she belongs to or else in school life one faces a set of common essays ranging from technology to festivities. Once in a while one has to come across such topics which actually have an implication in real life and don't simply follow a similar essay format for all individuals. These essays are impacted by what one feels in life and moreover whats there own view towards it.

Exploring the Topic

As this topic does not follow the typical essay writing format, its a good practice to try to relate the topic to ones own life and how they feel about it. It would be a significant point to identify that its the present moment which has the greatest importance in the life of the individual since neither past nor the future can improve anything but the present can. Furthermore it would also be noticed that except future, the other two do nothing more than adding tension or depression hence the best option is to focus on the present. Practically this is what the entire essay would be based on.
Its always a good practice to add an example, so if the writer feels that they can relate the topic to some incident which they have witnessed in their life or maybe heard of, it can be happily added as this would definitely add some brownie points. Another thing that many people do is adding one quote either at the beginning or as a concluding point, either way its a good thing to do and hence its encouraged for this essay as well. The benefit here is that quotes related to this topic are very common, therefore having one handy won't be a tough thing to do.

Sample Essay Points

'Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery and Today is a Gift thus its called Present'
This is possibly a saying which almost each and every one of us has come across at least once. The words may have been different but the expression remains constant. It provides us with a clear cut description that all we have in hand is present and that is the very thing which needs our utmost attention, neither the past nor the present can spark a revolution in one's life but only the present can.
Happiness and success comes to those who understand and embed in themselves the fundamental truth of life which says that its every single moment that matters the most because finally its such moments that add up to form the entire life of a person. Keeping this concept in ind one needs to focus on what they have in hand and that is today. To make the most of it the individual needs to learn from the past, apply that in the present to strengthen the future but this does not mean that mean that time should be wasted lamenting over the past or planning the future. Time is such a factor which once gone is gone forever thus the more time spent thinking about anything other than the present is nothing other than the wastage of valuable time which otherwise can be used to strengthen the future by focusing on the present.
Today is actually that tomorrow, regarding which one worried yesterday. This is what is the usual scenario, the present is wasted worrying about future regarding which one has no clue that what is about to come. The earlier one gets to implement this reality in his or her life the better it is since then they are actually walking on the path of betterment and the truth is that a better individual is the key to a better society.

Further Scope

This is only a brief idea based on which one can write their essay. One could elaborate eon the above mentioned points or they could frame their own points as per choice. Adding a word of caution, its nice to have a long essay but the points should differ from each other else it might look like an endless loop repeating the same sentences over and over again with a mild change in the sentence formation.

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