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On Assignment Healthcare Staffing Houston Tx

Medical Staffing Network wants to offer you more in healthcare, travel and per diem jobs.

At Medical Staffing Network, we understand that your work is not just a job… it’s a calling. You dedicate your life to helping others and we’re here to help you. No matter what field of healthcare you’re in, you deserve to get the most out of your profession. As one of the largest and most recognized healthcare staffing brands in the industry, Medical Staffing Network has the depth and resources to offer you more healthcare job options to accommodate your career needs at any point in your life – whether it be travel or per diem nursing. From travel assignments of 13 to 26 weeks, per diem opportunities and local contracts – we can offer you true flexibility with dependability. Our travel and per diem job database is growing and changing every day, which can keep you working for as long or short as you would like. Whether you’re looking to become a travel nurse and see the country or earn extra income with per diem shifts, Medical Staffing Network can meet your needs. Plus we have ample opportunities in allied, pharmacy, clinical research, anesthesia and care management. Our healthcare jobs cover a wide array of specialty areas. Take your calling to a new level by contacting us or apply today by clicking the Apply Now button.

My main problem with this company is their lack of loyalty and compassion to their employees. If any issues or problems arose related to miscommunication or problems at the facility you work for, you are on your own to deal with it and sort it out for yourself. I have also found it difficult to maintain continuity of contracts which I have never had with any other agency I have worked for. Other companies usually began securing you another contract at least four weeks in advance of your current contract ending, but this company takes days to weeks to find you another contract after your current contract has ended. I have never felt more alone working for a company than I have with this one. Also, most agencies will give extension bonuses, new employee bonuses, contract completion bonuses but not this one. They only do referral bonuses which basically says if they can’t make more money off you then they aren’t going to give you extra incentives. Very selfish company. Very disappointed that I chose this company to work for out of the thousands of ones out there. Definitely time to move on.

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