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The Silk Road History Essay Example

History Of The Silk Road Essay example

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The Silk Road, a series of passageways connecting China with the Mediterranean completely changed the world. These series of trade routes allowed the advancement of technology and cultural diversity like never seen before. These routes connected many different civilizations allowing the exchange of goods and ideas. This variety of nationalities made it a “Cultural Bridge between Asia and Europe. ” Before these pathways were established trade was nearly impossible due to extreme desert conditions and high mountain tops. Many people died making the journey, even after the trade routes were established. So why make the trip? How did the Silk Road impact history? The Chinese were the first to produce silk from the silkworm. This was…show more content…

Like the Kushan people. The Kushan mixed Greek and Buddhist art. They also were the first people to have artwork that depicted Buddha in human form, with him resembling the Greek God Apollo. Religious beliefs were also exchanged. “The most significant commodity carried along this route was not silk, but religion. ” Buddhism, one of China’s largest religions was brought there from India via the Silk Road. This alone makes the Silk Road very significant because of the effect Buddhism has had on the world, especially China. Mingdi, a Han Emperor had a vision about Buddha and sent an official West to India. This official brought back two Buddhist Monks with him. From there Buddhism continually grew. The rise of Buddhism can be seen all along the Silk Road. With many different monasteries, statues, and artwork. Not only did the West have influences on China, China also had a huge influences on western civilizations. The Chinese had what is called the Chinese Four Great Inventions to offer the West. These are paper making, printing, gunpowder and the compass. It is easy to see how significant these were in history and the world’s development. Many of these items were first discovered in China but revolutionized in the West. Let’s first discuss paper. Paper was originally made from fishnet, bark and cloth. A paper factory was setup by the Arabs who captured some paper makers in a war between the Tang

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Silk Roads EssayBy Evan CohenThe Silk Road was a merchants’ heaven and a consumers’ dream. A place wherecultural diffusion was a natural occurrence and different rich cultures could both spread and blend with freedom and prosperity. This global marketplace was took hundreds of years tostart and played a major factor our cultural past. Due to the combination of people, products,ideas, and modes of transit, the first global marketplace was able to widely spread differentcultural ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles across Europe and Asia.The Silk Road was home to thousands of traders from all over the world, trying totrade different products from different cultures to different people in different cultures. Thisspread of products from person to person was a major reason why cultural items ended up indifferent cultures. Traders came from all over the world, and brought with them some of themost culturally rich items. When these items were traded for other items from other cultures,it allowed the passing of different cultural items. The trade of one item for another was called bartering. Veteran traders normally carried many items from various cultures due to past bartering. With all of these culturally rich items being traveled along the Silk Road, thiscaused many items from different cultures to be placed in other cultures where they couldhave their own significance. These travelers traveled through China, India, Persia, Europe,and the Gulf Coast collecting and trading these items to different cultures. These itemssometimes gained popularity. An example would be silk in Europe. Silk was in high demandin Europe and without the Silk Road; it would have probably never been introduced intoEuropean society. These traders were very important to the spread of cultural along the Silk Road.

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