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Basic Stoichiometry Post-Lab Homework Exercises Answers

Did you ever have a feeling of being in the shoes of Einstein when you are standing in your chemistry lab, mixing all the colorful chemicals in the beaker? It feels good, isn’t it? Well, I had this extremely exhilarating feeling while seeing the reactions taking place in the lab. But when we have to study or explain about the quantitative relationship between the products and reactants in our homework, all that excitement takes a back seat. In fact, searching for basic stoichiometry post lab homework exercises answer key is extremely difficult if you have a vague idea about this topic or are confused.

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And because of this, you have to face late submission issues whose outcome you can see in your grade card. So, how to resolve this issue? It’s simple! As both this aspects are important, let me guide you to its effective solution here.

Explaining Stoichiometry

The foundation of Stoichiometry is on law of conservation of mass. It can be expressed as a quantitative relationship between product and reactant, from which you can determine coefficients of balanced equation. These equations help in describing the complete reaction.

Problems related to this subject

Your search for basic stoichiometry post lab homework exercises answer key takes place when you faceproblems in your topic. You will find that in most cases the Stoichiometry problems revolve around 4 aspects. We can also state them as 4 types.

  1. Volume-Volume

In this situation, you may face difficulty in finding the volume of product or reactants when the volume of product or reactants is unavailable.

  1. Mass-Volume

In this case, the problem usually arises when you may face issue in finding volume of gaseous product or reactants when the volume of gaseous product or reactants is unavailable.

  1. Mass-Mass

In this situation, you may face difficulty in finding the mass of product or reactants when the quantity of mass of product or reactants is unavailable.

  1. Mole-Mole

In this case, students fail to find the moles of product or reactants when the quantity of moles of product or reactants is unavailable.

Why getting basic stoichiometry post lab homework exercises answer key is important?

Experiments involving mixing of acids and bases to get a product are the objective in chemistry. However, in Stoichiometry, you have to use the acid – base reaction for determining the results which is done by measurement of temperature changes taking place in that reaction.

Post lab homework in basic stoichiometry is basically about finding out the answers related to the reactions and getting the concept of these reactions cleared. This is because chemical reactions are taken as the core form under this topic. Aside to it, lab works helps in determining the product amount and the calculations related to starting material on per mole basis.

Beneficial aspects of Stoichiometry with use of Algorithmic Approach

In most cases, you will find explanations related to basic stoichiometry post lab homework exercises answer key in inquiry based methods. But, there are other methods too with which you can get the answers. One of those methods is algorithmic approach. Although the process is not straightforward, it is a beneficial aspect of getting the solution.

Some of the effects are as follows:

  • With these approaches, you can identify the proper measurements of reactants to get the asked product
  • It helps you in utilizingthe component data of reactants, thereby limiting the issues that can arise during the experiment
  • It also gives you a proper idea related to quantity comprehension that you need to go through before you start working on your homework exercises.

Important rules related to Stoichiometry

As Stoichiometry is about reactants, products, and their appropriate measurement, there are few rules involved in determining the accurate amount of generated product. The 5 most important rules in this case (while you solve your post lab homework) are:

  • Balancing the equation in an appropriate manner
  • You need to have a clear idea regarding substance quantity that is given in your work. It is better to jot down the quantity 1 line below the substance if it is mole quantity. In case it is a laboratory quantity, it is appropriateto write the substance quantity 2 lines below.
  • Make your decision related to quantity clear on whose basis you want to calculate the reactants. It is better to represent it with‘?’ and follow the same procedure of substance quantity representation as explained in the above step.
  • Taking the help of diagrams to explain your answers in your homework will give it a better scalability level. You can explain your answers using arrows. This procedure highlights the reactions. In this process you can elucidate quantity to moles, moles related to unknown quantity, and unknown laboratory quantity.
  • The final step involves calculation of every reactant quantity.

I hope that this information did come to your help regarding basic stoichiometry post lab homework exercises answer key. As this info is a small approach to give you an idea about this topic and its important facets and answers related to both theoretical and practical sections. If you want to have elucidated explanations and info related to basic stoichiometry post lab work, there are selected professional websites offering you adequate data.


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Name: _______________________ Pd: ______Basic Stoichiometry PhET Lab Let's make some sandwiches!http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/reactants-products-and-leftoversIntroduction:When we bake/cook something, we use a specific amount of each ingredient. Imagine ifyou made a batch of cookies and used way too many eggs, or not enough sugar. YUCK! Inchemistry, reactions proceed with very specific recipes. The study of these recipes is stoichiometry. When the reactants are present in the correct amounts, the reaction willproduce products. What happens if there are more or less of some of the reactants present?Vocabulary:Before you begin, please define the following:Limiting Reactant:______________________________________________________________________Excess Reactant: ______________________________________________________________________Synthesis Reaction: ______________________________________________________________________Combustion Reaction: ______________________________________________________________________Mole Ratio: ______________________________________________________________________Diatomic Molecule: ______________________________________________________________________Mole: ______________________________________________________________________Procedure:PhET Simulations Play with the Sims Chemistry Reactants, Products, and LeftoversIf a yellow bar drops down in your browser, click on it and select "Allow Blocked Content"Part 1: Making Sandwiches:1.The is a simulation of a two-reactant synthesisreaction. In this case, one reactant will be limiting, while the other will be in excess.2.Take some time and familiarize yourself with the simulation.

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