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Pessayre Dominique Ansel


189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA90036
(323) 601-1167

We were at The Grove on a late Sunday afternoon and needed a pastry as a sort of pick-me-up. Dominique Ansel is of course known as the inventor of the famous cronut but we knew they were already sold out as their sign clearly said when we first walked by coming from the parking structure. I saw the almond croissant and wanted that for sure. It's not cheap, priced at $5.50 but it is a good size croissant and it looked great. We got that and a chocolate chip cookie. I forget how much the cookie was but it was pricey for a cooke. It was at least $3.50. The almond croissant was delicious. It was flaky, topped with a lot of toasted almond slivers and inside had a great almond filling. It was very good. It's big enough to be shared but can be scarfed down by one hungry soul. I certainly recommend the almond croissant. The chocolate chip cookie was very good. The dough was nice and buttery. It was moist and the chocolate pieces were abundant and big. Good to have this legendary NYC bakery in LA. Too bad it's located in the craziest place to visit on a Sunday. Maybe I will stumble into a cronut one day. Be prepared to wait in line(s). ps - insider info says they usually run out of cronuts by lunch time.

Finally! I had a DA cronut! I tried to snag one a few years back at the height of the cronut craze at his NYC bakery but it was impossible. I can now understand what the fuss was about. At least at this location, they have a different flavor each month, with no repeats. This month (Mar 2018) is a honey glaze and genmaicha cream. It's an interesting combination that I first found a bit strange but grew on me after the second bite. The cronut itself was exemplary. I've had some cronut knock-offs and they don't compare. It has the right amount of crispiness (or crunch?) on the outside with flaky buttery smooth layers on the inside. I, however, prefer the DKA. It's basically a carmelized croissant. What's not to love? So good. My favrorite item here. Next was a Paris-LA. Looks pretty but I didn't care for it much. Whatever pastry they use as the base was too soggy and reminded me of a day old donut. The definite surprise was the Gooseberry pavlova. I'm usually meh about meringue and eaten on its own, it's just that. However, combined with the creamy filling and sliced gooseberries in one bite and it was transformed, as if these three ingredients were made for each other. Last item we had was the cannele. I've only had it once before so I'm not an expert but it was good--nice and fluffy and better than the one I had elsewhere. Downside is that this bakery is pricey!

When the cronut was a huge thing in NYC back in 2013, we tried to get some during our visit to no avail. So when I heard that this was opening in LA, I was so excited to finally finally try the real thing. I was trying not to keep my hopes up as I tried a cronut from Paris Baguette and it was pretty meh. BUT oh my friends this did not disappoint! The cronut was delicious, this month's flavor was genmaicha with a honey jam, perfectly flaky and soft and not too greasy. We tried the other desserts, the DKA, the meringue with gooseberries, almond croissant, Paris-LA, and canele. All were good except Paris LA, it looks prettier than it tastes. My only complaint is that it's a little on the pricy side for each bakery item, and you can easily spend 100+ for bakery items.

Finally got my Cronut after years of wanting one and not being in nyc! And it was fantastic. Located inside the grove, this bakery has tons of cool pastries and an ever changing menu of cronuts. They also have tons of food options and plenty of vegetarian options. I came here around 1 pm on a Sunday afternoon and waited on line for about 10 min. The line moves pretty fast and they have us a sample of their madelines while we waited. I have noticed no lines later in the evening, but I wonder if they run out of things then. I ordered their March flavor of the Cronut, which was honey jam and Genmaicha Ganache. I'd never heard of Genmaicha. It's green tea and brown rice flavored. It was unreal how good that filling was! So decadent. The Cronut texture was different than I had imagined. I thought it would be fluffier, but was more of the crossaint texture. Overall, delicious and I'll be back to try more flavors. For food, I got their spinach and gruyere quiche. It was also really good. Spinach was super flavorful and quiche was light and fluffy.

After hearing such great things about this place from my cousin I decided to check this place out recently. I ordered their famous Cronut and a Chestnut Rose Cassis Mont Blanc. Cronut: I was so disappointed with this. The cronut tasted old, hard, and lacked the crispiness I was expecting. Chestnut Rose Cassis Mont Blanc: This made up for the cronut for sure. The chestnut filling was not too sweet and the pastry/cake (?) on the bottom was a great addition to cut the heaviness of the filling. Final Verdict: It's okay.

My Friend: Hi is there anyway we can turn down the air just a little? Guy Behind Counter: Um, our air conditioning Ian on. My Friend: Is there anyway that you can turn it on? Guy Behind Counter: no, is there anyway you can sit outside? So much for customer service. The desserts were mediocre, overpriced. The tea was typical, nothing extraordinary. And the customer service was horribly slow, unexpected. No, I won't be referring friends not returning. Disappointed . . . rude individual attached in photo below.

Long line, expensive, & hit-or-miss pastries/desserts. Tried an assortment of goodies - DKA, chocolate eclair, madelines, ham cheese croissant & the mini-me cake. Cake was definitely the best part. It's a super rich, creamy, chocolate cake. (IE - it's not a fluffy cake. It's the it-will-probably- get-stuck-in-your-teeth type of cake). The other things were OK. I'd probably pass on the eclair and the croissant. Other things I'd consider getting again. The line was long but went fairly quickly. Coffee was decent. Most of the tables are super wobbly so be careful because I ended up spilling some of my coffee. Would go again if I was craving a good cake and didn't want to go all the way to Bottega.

Thank goodness Dominique Ansel has brought his pastry talent to Los Angeles. While you have to brave The Grove to get his delicious treats, every bite is perfection. The bakery itself is not special. It is white and sterile with long lines and people saving tables while their party waits in the always long line. The time in line is not very enjoyable because most of the staff is not as warm and friendly as Mr. Ansel appears based on his social media presence. Literally, one smile on the whole line from the sample girl with a lemon madeleine. The other disappointment is the very empty case. They are apparently restocking but not consistently and there are pretty few choices, even hours before closing. Only 1 of the two pastries that I wanted was available, and I felt fortunate that even one was available. Usually, I would be indignant at paying $8.25 for what is effectively a cupcake, but that gingerbread pinecone was tasty and gorgeous. The moist little cake is topped with ginger mousse and covered in dark chocolate and finished with hand cut dark chocolate petals. A little spice, a little caramel flavor, a little magic. The chocolate that Ansel uses is of the very best quality. Truly amazing. The gf chocolate pecan cookie is similarly divine. The $4 cookie is huge - enough for 2 to 4 to share - and is perfection. Crunchy shell, fudgy inside, deep chocolate flavor with chocolate chunks and pecans (it could use a few more pecans IMO but this is totally a personal choice). I don't think that I could come here without getting another. I felt similarly about the $4 croissant. Who knew that you could get so much air into buttery dough? Or that you could have so much flakey goodness. This was definitely one of the two best croissants that I have had in this city. I was completely blown away by the quality of the pastry and completely disappointed by the cold, rude and abrasive staff and the lack of selection in the case. Instagram set my heart for disappointment on both points - Mr. Ansel's warm demeanor and pictures of laden cases set me up for a different experience. Alas, I remain a fan and am looking forward to trying that Mont Blanc...someday.

I'm in LOVE with the Kouign Amann. Why? Because it's the motherf*cking Kouign! Can I get an Amann? Heu heu heu I'll shut up now. The January cronut was good, too, albeit a tad too sweet. I personally think the DKA is the real shining star. LPT: you can pre-order the cronuts and skip the line.

There has been a lot of hype in anticipation of the opening of Dominique Ansel's Restaurant /Bakery here in LA. I've heard of the French Pastry Chef/ New York Patisserie owner before in regards to his brain child, the "Cronut" (croissant donut). I've walked past this restaurant quite a few times during the day and there has always been a pretty impressive line, tapered off by a velvet rope. Wednesday night my friend and I decided to check out Eater's recommendation for the best cookies in LA so naturally, we decided to do a cookie crawl at 8 o'clock at night. ---See my subsequent reviews to see where we visited :). For the first time ever, there was no line at Ansel's. We were able to walk right up to the counter, and order. My friend, and I tried the chocolate chip cookie shot which is made to order and one of their chocolate chip cookies they had on display. We were directed to the end of the counter where the cookie would be made to order with warm milk poured inside. I was worried this place would be underwhelming because of all the hype but it did not disappoint! The chocolate chip cookie was gooey and tasted as if I were eating pure cookie dough but didn't seem raw. The center of the cookie shot was coated in ganache and was buttery, melty and delicious. Prices were a little over the norm but not by much. $4/ cookie $4-$5/shot. My only complaint: Upon checking out, we were handed our cookie and the cashier mentioned we'd get the cookie shot at the end of the counter. I was pretty intrigued so I asked if that was because it would be made to order. The young man responded in a very rude/condescending tone and told me to move to the end of the counter. I'll be back and I definitely expect to receive better service.

"OMG WHAT! YESSSS!" is what I repeatedly said for appx 32 hours after seeing there was a DAB freshly put in LA 5 minutes away from my air bnb. My newly prego belly couldn't handle the joy. We arrived as they opened to be greeted by lovely staff who explained the monthly cronut to us. We walked through the line, drooling at alll things, buying too many (jk not enough) of the things, and loving every second. This location in a bajillion times bigger than the NYC mothership. The line was much more pleasant to go through and there is ample seating indoor and out. We each got our 2 cronut per person allotment, a grilled cheese, avocado toast, coffees and espressos. We got to sit in a groovy little area inside with lots of pillows and bright painting behind us. The cronuts were out of the world, per usual. The marriage of the croissant and doughnut couldn't be a happier union. Our entrees were just as delicious as they were instragrammable. I'll leave any chance for abs I might get in my life for the cronut here, always.

I have only been to the New York location and I was pleasantly surprised to see this one in LA. It is a little pricey for some pastries and desserts (imo) but, everything is so beautifully made and everything I've had tasted delicious that paying the extra few $$ doesn't even bother me. I leave happy every time. This time I had the almost croissant. So filling, so delicious, it melts in your mouth. The toasted almonds on top give it a nice added flavor and crunch. They have so many options though you're bound to find something you like.

I had been anticipating the open since it was announced and was surprised to find no line when I went Friday morning. The employees were very friendly, helpful and patient while making your selection, pastries are plated or boxed up beautifully to go. I very much appreciate them not charging extra for the box as I find more and more places doing (shame on you!) The space is gorgeous, plenty of seating both inside and out, as well as all around the Grove. The prices are high, which is about all that kept me from getting one of each, but the quality of the product is well worth the occasional splurge. Great addition to the area, worth checking out!

Came here for one thing, and one thing only. The OG cronut. For the month of March the cronut is a matcha green tea flavor. We arrived around 10.30, were told to wait in the line (Ps- there was no line, she just made us wait). Then after the host cleared us for departure, we were in. In, to wait in another line. The lady behind the counter was waiting to take our order. I got bamboozled by all the lovely pastries starring at me and lost my mind for about 4 mins. Finally, I came to it and ordered me cronut and an almond and coconut croissant. The lady behind the counter lost her mind waiting for me to order. I needed to see what was on offer, I told her. She seemed kinda pissed off. Finally, she plated our cronuts. We got our coffees and perched. Took a moment to admire the creation and then cut that mo-fo in half. All the honey gooey-ness oozed out. I went for it. I felt bad for the almond coconut croissant. It was heavy. And a bit bleh. Skip it. Was it worth the $6, I hear you say? For me, it was, because it was a once off kinda deal. The experience was nice. The staff were so so. The coffee had caffeine. That's grand for me. Treat yo' self once folks. Get the cronut.

Come for the frozen s'mores. Leave happily tummy stuffed. Okay, so Dominique Ansel Bakery is actually known for a lot more than just frozen s'mores. After all, it's not like the cronut and cookie shots just invented themselves. Once a highly visited dessert destination in New York City, this bakery has recently situated itself in the heart of the Beverly Grove. As expected, be prepared to wait in lines that may sometimes resemble those found in Disneyland or at a bathroom of a crowded nightclub. But hey, it's Dominique Ansel and you know you want those cronuts. But back to the frozen s'mores. It's torched to order with a thick, gooey marshmallow on the outside enveloping custard ice cream and chocolate wafers on the inside. And they serve it on an apple wood tree branch! How's that for being extra? In the best way possible of course! Quite a bold statement to make, this was probably one of the top desserts I've ever had in my life. Each bite was amazing with its warm creme brulee-like crust on the outside of the marshmallow that crackled with each bite combined with the cool ice cream. Simply exquisite. However, although we were lucky enough to snag a cronut, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I'd hoped. It was a strawberry jam cronut with a thick cream cheese icing on top, which I thought it could've done without the latter. For all the hype surrounding it, I found it rather underwhelming and probably wouldn't return for them. As for everything else I have yet to try? Well, that's a different story.

I might as well start a DAB groupie. From being an IG follower to visits in NYC, Tokyo, and now LA, can you tell I'm a big fan? If you don't know yet, Dominique Ansel is the "King of Cronuts" as he is the genius who created this craze a few years ago. Up to this day, lines form outside his bakery in Soho as early as 5AM no matter the weather conditions and by noon time, you better believe those cronuts are sold out. Expect a similar situation from his newest location at The Grove. Arriving just half an hour before closing, I knew I couldn't get my hands on them magical cronuts so I was not disappointed about that. What I was disappointed with was the lack of professionalism and friendliness from the staff. Quite a big difference from what I experienced in NY and Japan. We were brushed off with no importance when we got to the counter after being in line for a while. A manager looked busy and picked up the phone in front of us, another lady said to him she was taking care of something, and the other staff went ahead and helped the guy who was in line behind us, skipping our turn altogether. It was quite bizarre that it left us speechless. Finally, someone (not very friendly) noticed us still waiting and only then did we place our order. I honestly came for the DKA (Dominique's Kouign Amann) as that is pretty much my kryptonite. Caramelized outside with the inside soft and flaky, it's like a croissant, only a thousand times better. For $5.50 each, it's best enjoyed as an occasional indulgence. I got 4 to-go and it was nicely packed in a box for me. I didn't have the same revelation experience when I had it the first time but it was still very good. The Madeleines (10pc for $6.50) were made fresh and served warm. Hints of lemon made me happy though they were not as amazing as the ones I had from Cafe Boulud a few months ago. I have to say, their Cafe Mocha ($5) was pretty spectacular that I'm glad I tried this instead of my usual Matcha Latte.

Woohoo! Dominique Ansel is now in the same state! We first tried the bakery when we were in New York last year and I loved it! We stopped in to the bakery after having dinner upstairs at the restaurant, and unfortunately pretty much everything was gone from the pastry case except for a few items, and the cronuts were all sold out, but I did get to try the cookie shot! I didn't get to try that in New York since we went before 3pm, but I was happy I got to try it here. We even ordered another frozen smores, one of my boyfriend's favorite desserts ever! This one is designed much better space-wise, because the line follows the design of the store, and there is plenty of seating, tables, and room for standing while you're waiting for your desserts/drinks to come out at the counter. I like how the staff are so considerate and they call your name so that you can come up to the counter, and ask if you're ready for your dessert, since sometimes a lot of people want to take photos/videos of them pouring the cookie shots or toasting the outside of the frozen smores. Such a great addition to The Grove and definitely going to put up good competition for the other dessert places on that street.

Talk about not living up to its hype. For the longest time I've wanted to try the baked goods at Dominique Ansel because I've heard good things and seen yummy pics/videos on people's instagram stories. SO I FINALLY came here and tried the cookie shot as well as the Hot Chocolate. Well...My best friend, her bf, and my bf all got stomach aches after drinking the hot chocolate. I only had a tiny sip so I was fine. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE chocolate, but it tasted watery and I personally did not enjoy it. The cookie shot was made fresh, but the taste was still very mediocre. There was nothing unique about the cookie cup or the vanilla milk. I've had better cookies that I've baked myself, so for the cost, I was very disappointed. I don't know if it was an off day, if they hype was overkill, or if it simply was not good, but I did not enjoy the items I've had. The pastries are expensive. For the amount we're paying, I expect what I eat to be GOOD. NOT mediocre. NOT just okay. But GOOD. I should be uttering, "MMmmmm~" when I take my first sip or take my first bite, not saying, "Ehh..."

We went to randomly have brunch at Dominique Ansel and it was a vey interesting experience. We had no idea the brunch would be like passed Hors d'oeuvres until we actually sat down. The food was great but it got very annoying when servers would come up to us every two seconds asking us if we wanted what they were offering. We were mostly in the mood for sweets so it going very tiring to turn down 70% of the servers. I do want to highlight the fact that my experience was made much better by our main server, caio (I think that's how he spells it) he really made our experience great and catered to all of our needs. He really did offset the downside to our brunch making it a very great experience overall.

This review is not about their infamous cronut, but instead their chocolate croissant. I don't know why I've had this obsession with chocolate croissants lately. Today, I had the opportunity to taste test the chocolate croissants from dominque vs chaumont in the same sitting. (Chaumont in Beverly Hills had been my recent obsession location to order croissants) To my surprise, the contest wasn't even close. Hands down I pick the chaumont croissant over the dominque one. This is not to say the dominque croissant wasn't good, it was just a lot more dense and chewier dough compared to chaumont's flaky on the outside and buttery goodness on the inside. Of course it is more about personal preference, but the dominque croissant did not stand out to me as anything worth waiting in line or paying high prices for. Sorry dominque, maybe you'll impress me next time with your cronut.


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