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Essie Bond With Whomever Comparison Essay

Someone recently asked on Instagram why I started this blog. I started this because I was always on the hunt for Essie information: info on new collections with swatches, info on older polishes...just anything Essie I could find. I was following nail polish blogs but really only cared when they posted stuff about Essie. I loved finding comparisons of Essie polishes swatched side by side on the nail, since bottle shots don't tell the whole story, but it was always hit and miss if I could find it or not. I thought it would be so nice if all the Essie info was in ONE place: reviews, comparisons, swatches. So I decided to do it myself. 3 years later and I've got a pretty good little archive going! Every once in a while I like to go back to past collections, and if I have most of them, I will do a swatch and comparison post. Hopefully you'll find this interesting :)

I remember when this collection came out. I had only just quit biting my nails about 6 months earlier and was buying polishes here and there. I was already learning that Essie was my favourite brand and had bought all four of the 2013 Resort Collection polishes. Only a month later and we were seeing this collection released in stores. I was immediately drawn the to bright pink Madison Ave-Hue and the blue Avenue Maintain, as well as the grey Maximillian Strasse-Her, so those were the few I picked up. I didn't yet know my love for pastels so I passed on Go Ginza and in my mind Bond With Whomever was identical to Under Where from the resort collection. Over the years, I've picked up more and, of course, discovered I absolutely LOVE Go Ginza! The only one I'm missing is the red polish called Hip-Anema. I've read that it compares very closely to Fifth Avenue which I have in my collection.
Left to Right: Maximillian Strasse-Her, Go Ginza, Bond With Whomever, Madison Ave-Hue, Fifth Avenue (not Hip-Anema) & Avenue Maintain

This collection was based on high fashion shopping destinations. To be honest, I've never understood most of the names exempt for Madison Ave-Hue. I did a little research and found this promo image that explains them well:

Alright! Let's get into the swatches and comparisons.

Go Ginza

I just recently posted about this polish and let you know that there's two different coloured Go Ginza's on the market. I'm still not exactly sure why that is but I'll show you both.

This is the pink-toned version which is probably the closest to what Essie was going for since they called it "a cherry blossom pink". This is so pretty on the nail. My bottle takes 2-3 coats to be opaque with a tiny bit of ridging (possibly because the polish is older and has thickened up a bit).

Here's the second, more lilac, version that is out there. This has a great formula, is opaque in 2 coats and self-levels nicely. 

Go Ginza vs. Hubby For Dessert vs. Meet Me At the Altar vs. Lilacism

This was a strange comparison to do! I had to put both Go Ginza's on my nails and then compare to similar polishes. It's hard to tell in the photo but Meet Me at the Altar is lighter and not quite as pink as the pink-toned Go Ginza. Hubby for Dessert is closest to the lilac version of Go Ginza but not nearly as pigmented. Definitely more sheer with less lilac pigment. 

If my bottle of Lilacism wasn't so discoloured and blue, I think the lilac version of Go Ginza would be quite similar. But with the way my Lilacism looks, its much more blue toned.

Bond With Whomever

I wish I had picked this one up back in 2013 instead of Under Where! It applies well in 2-3 coats. I had a bit of bald spots on a couple nails so those needed the third. It self-levels nicely.

Bond With Whomever vs. Dress Call vs. Under Where?

Bond with Whomever is really close to Dress Call! There's a smidgen of a difference but it's basically identical. Under Where is much more pink toned.

Maximillian Strasse-Her

I remember I wasn't really into this polish in the Spring but once it got colder, I was all over it. It seems to be a polish I pull out every Winter. This is a grey creme polish with a hint of sage green. The formula applies really nicely in 2 coats. It's nice and opaque but not thick and it self-levels nicely.

Maximillian Strasse-Her vs. Who Is The Boss vs. Parka Perfect vs. Udon Know Me

Who Is the Boss looks similar in this photo but is actually much lighter in person. The is closest to Maximillian Strasse-Her is Parka Perfect but Parka Perfect is more blue-toned with small silver glitter.  Udon Know Me is way more blue. 

Madison Ave-Hue

I loved this pink polish back in the day but I don't wear colours like this much anymore. She's still a beauty with fine silver shimmer running throughout. Madison Ave-Hue has a really wonderful formula. Smooth, opaque and self-leveled in 2 coats.

Madison Ave-Hue vs. Mod Square vs. The Girls Are Out vs. Coacha Bella

Nothing is similar here either. The closest one is The Girls Are Out, including the little silver glitter pieces although it's a darker shade. Mod Squad is way brighter and a warmer pink and Coacha Bella is darker and more fuchsia toned.

Avenue Maintain

This Parisian blue is so cool and different. It's bright yet dusty at the same time. It applies perfectly! It's not thick and gross but totally opaque in one coat. I wonder if that's because my bottle is now 4 years old but like I said it isn't thick and goopy so I think it's just this formula. It's awesome. It also self-levels well.

Avenue Maintain vs. Hide & Go Chic vs. Namastay The Night

I really like Avenue Maintain because it's quite a unique blue in my collection. It's got such a pretty dusty quality to it yet still maintains some brightness. I don't know how to describe it but I grabbed these two blues which looked the closest on my shelf, but they are both so different. Namastay the night is more cerulean and Hide & Go Chic is darker.

My fave from this collection is most definitely Go Ginza! Have you pick up any from this collection? Which is your fave?

Essie Spring 2013 Swatches and Comparisons

There are six shades in the Spring 2013 collection from Essie, Madison Ave-Hue. The names are inspired by shopping districts from around the world. Left to right: Go Ginza, Bond with Whomever, Madison Ave-hue, Maximillian Strasse-her, Avenue Maintain, and Hip-anema.

When I first saw these, I felt like I'd seen them all before, so as I swatched, I also did comparisons, with an emphasis on seeing how these matched up to other Essie polishes in my stash from previous collections.

Let's start with Go Ginza, a pale warm purple creme. I've seen this described as "cherry blossom pink", in keeping with the Japan-inspired name, but it's definitely purple to my eyes. Very pale purple, and on the red side of purple, but still purple. Since this is pale, I was surprised to only need two coats. Looking at my photos, I see a base and/or top coat would have been nice to smooth things out, but I blame my rushed application for that rather than the polish.

For comparison, I grabbed Essie Nice is Nice, from the Spring 2011 collection. Both in the bottle and on the nail, I found Nice is Nice to be slightly darker than Go Ginza. They're close enough that a reasonable person wouldn't need to have both. Left to right below: Go Ginza, Nice is Nice, Go Ginza, Nice is Nice.

Continuing on the light warm purple creme theme, let's look at Bond with Whomever. I used two coats of this one as well, though it seemed to have a thinner formula than Go Ginza and a third coat might have been a good idea.

Much as I love purple, I don't think there needed to be two of them in this collection, especially since they're both warm and light. Bond with Whomever isn't as close to Go Ginza as Nice is Nice was, but it's not too many steps away along the value scale. Left to right below: Bond with Whomever, Go Ginza, Bond with Whomever, Go Ginza.

I also compared Bond with Whomever to Butter London Molly Coddled, from their Spring 2013 offering. I thought the Essie was warm toned for a purple, but the Butter London is even more warm toned. Left to right below: Bond with Whomever, Molly Coddled, Bond with Whomever, Molly Coddled.

Madison Ave-hue is the only shimmer in this Essie collection. It's a bright pink that leans purple and another two-coater for me.

Here's a closeup of the shimmer in low light:

I compared this one to Orly Preamp from their Fall 2012 collection and Essie Splash of Grenadine, which originally came out with Resort 2010. Splash of Grenadine is a creme, of course, but I was curious how the base color compared. In the photo below, Preamp is on the left; its base is more purple than Madison Ave-hue and its shimmer is warmer and more dense. Splash of Grenadine is on the right; its base is also more purple.

Maximillian Strasse-her is a light dusty green creme. Swatch is two coats, no base or top coat.

I do love a dusty green, so had no trouble finding another for comparison purposes. I chose Essie Who Is the Boss from Wedding 2012. To put it in SAT analogy terms (do they even still do analogies on the SAT?), Who Is the Boss is to Maximillian Strasse-her as Go Ginza is to Nice is Nice—that is to day, Who Is the Boss is lighter but not by much. Left to right below: Maximillian, Boss, Maximillian, Boss.

Avenue Maintain is a brilliant blue creme (French blue, I suppose, since this is the Paris polish in the collection). This was almost a one coater, but I used two for consistency's sake with the rest of the collection.

The closest match to Avenue Maintain I could find in my stash was GOSH Gypsy Blue. Left to right below: Essie, GOSH, Essie, GOSH.

To give an idea how Avenue Maintain compares to some other popular blues, I also compared it to L'Oreal Ocean Breeze (which itself was a twin to Essie Shelter Island) and Essie Lapis of Luxury. On the left in the photo below, you see Ocean Breeze leans more toward turquoise, and on the right, Lapis is lighter and less intense than Avenue Maintain.

The last polish in the collection is Hip-anema, an orange-leaning red creme. This is really pigmented, to the point where I had trouble cleaning up where I got some on my skin (it did come off when it was time to take off this swatch, just was hard to do clean up on it without taking it off and starting over). I used two coats.

I compared Hip-anema to Snap Happy from Essie's Winter 2012 collection. They're really close; Hip-anema is a touch brighter, but not so you'd really notice unless you were looking for it. Left to right below: Hip-anema, Snap Happy, Hip-anema, Snap Happy.

If I could have only one polish from this collection, it'd be Madison Ave-hue, as that's the most different from things I already own, plus it's such a happy and bright color that it really hits the spot about now, when I'm more than ready to be done with the last grey and cold days of winter (I drove through snow flurries on the way to the office this morning). Maximillian Strasse-her and Avenue Maintain are my runners up.

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