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Why I Like Math Essay Topic

Math doesn’t always rank high on the list of favorite subjects for students and at times, even for their parents. Despite this lack of popularity, however, math provides a number of skills that once learned, creates a lifetime of benefits. Below are three reasons why we love math and you should too!

1. Math enhances critical thinking and problem solving skills- Whether it’s learning the basics of simple addition or working through the more complicated formulas of calculus, math provides the backbone for proper development of critical thinking and problem solving abilities. These traits will not only help students achieve success in the classroom but will also allow them to obtain the necessary skills that will help them advance in careers and in life.

2. Math provides opportunities to incorporate technology in the classroom- Since math can often be an intimidating subject for students, it creates the perfect opportunity to bring in technology-based lessons and activities for your interactive white board. Incorporating applications and games by Gynzy such as The Math Safe or The Sum Machine makes the process of learning both fun and educational. Students are able to learn concepts through an engaging and low stress method that will help increase their retention and their confidence.

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3. Math really is used in everyday life- Despite popular statements to the contrary, math truly is a skill that is used in daily life. Helping students learn to perform basic functions such as counting money, telling time, understanding fractions, and basic addition and subtraction allows them to utilize these skills in normal life circumstances. As they translate this knowledge into being able to return correct change, manage their time, divide portions into equal pieces, and calculate how much more or less is required, they will find they contain the skills necessary to living a successful life.

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Teaching students to focus on the positives mentioned above will help them overcome their fears or hesitations regarding math and hopefully lead them to find the subject to be a rewarding challenge. Gaining this comfort with math at an early age can help bring students into service-oriented and lucrative professions such as medicine, engineering, technology, and science-based research. It will also help them utilize and develop new portions of their brain and teach them to think in powerful directions!

Do you have more examples of why everyone should love math? Let us know!

Math is one of my favorite subjects and so is art, they both are equal to me. So I don't favor which one is my "top subject". I never have struggles with art, but just a teeny-tiny bit of the time, I make mistakes on difficult math problems that I don't understand. I find myself mostly good at math, but not like really good at it. I am not one of those math genius, but I am willing to learn from my mistakes so next time I'll get a one and two zeroes.
I consider myself good at math, because I have all 90's and above in middle school, but I don't remember about elementary school. Since the grading is different, but it is good as well. I am mostly confident with math than other subjects, besides art, since I am good at it.
My good experiment with math is that I exceed math topics I am good at. Such as equations, expressions, graphing, absolute value, and etc. My bad experiment is when I make small or silly mistakes. However, I end up fixing them up myself sometimes, when I recheck my work.
I hope to accomplish this year in math class a one and two zeroes (repeated again, I know). That is because, it is like a wanted item that I need to have. The thing is that I know it is going to be tough, because there can be a point in my life that I will make a mistake. Which can effect my grade, so I'll be more than ready to get a good grade.

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