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Essay On Radio Broadcasting


In our life, there are coomunication tools which encircle our life. There are different characteristics than one another and radio is one of the tool which people use it in their daily life because it is portable and it doesn’t resembla other communication tool like Tv. Yes, we don’t see people who speak, who sing a song but we establish relations thorough voices. We imagine that for example when Dj talks about an issue. Maybe every people don’t listen radio everyday but for example, in car, in public transformation, in shopping center, in our telephone that we have chance to listen and have possibility to encourage with it. In addition to all of them, listeners who connect attachment with Dj and some programs which are regulated by radio stations. My observation is that as  people who connect radio stations or connect some radio programs to talk more than the other communication tools because I think that people feel themselves good because they have chance to share their opinions, their memories, their favorite musics to hook.

I give some informations about history of radio in Turkey. In Turkey, first radio broadcasting began in 1927 after one or two years which radio broadcasting started in the world. How it started to establish is that with building enterprise.These enterprises were called Türkiye İş Bankası and Anadolu Ajansı.  Its working method is same with BBC and today their working style continue in the same way.  ( These informations are taken from this link: http://www.cayyoluonline.com/friends/haber.php?haberid=266 ) In 1949, there was two radio transmitters in Turkey. In 1949 November, Istanbul radio station begun to broadcasting. Also, ITÜ which started its broadcasting in 1946. (These informations are taken from this link http://www.yazarkafe.com/icerik/305000/turkiyede-radyo-ve-televizyonun-gecmisi.htm)

In this link which shows that  the first radio broadcasting in Turkey in 6 May 1927 . It was at the same time spoken in French language. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB8wIR6RA40)

Now, I give short informations about weeks article. One of them is Community Radio which is written by Peterç M. Lewis. This article is about Montreal Conference and what this article was penetrated that how community radio emerged and which time it holded a place in our life in some countries. Pacifia Foundation was one of the first moment of community radio and community radio which is referred as reaction to the radio of its own country in this article. Also, language of community radio is different from offical one. There are some countries which are examined in terms of community radio. One of them is Kenya.  Homa Bay who managed and take into account develop communication infrastructure according to local people and their needs. On the other hand, in Bologna, Radio Alice which is use of live telephoned reports from listeners. The example of community radio is also feminist radio which hugely relate with women’s lifestyle so according to these article I have chance to see that how community radio was developed all over the world, how it hold a place in people life and continue its works in todays life.

The other article which also penetrates Community Radio at the beginning of the 21 century. It starts with the Community Radio in US. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and National Telecommunication Information Act ( NTIA) which put mechanisms for standardisation of stations. In this article, I see that community radio didn’t emerge coincidentally because there were some events like Baby Boomer, Reagan years and also there are some minority groups effect to shape community radio. What these minorities are African American, Hispanic, and Native Americans. In Western Europe, BBC model is applied and the important thing is that establishment of community radio in 1970s and 1980s. Also, in this article, Community Radio in 1974 and Community Public Radio in 1999 were investigated under some criteria in terms of governance, origination, format, funding, audience and identity. According to these table, undoubtedly, differences are seen and meanings, functions of them change also with effecting of commercial radio.

If I evaluate todays condition behalf of radio, with the improvement of technology, which effects expanding broadcasting network, which means that wherever we live, we stand, we have chance to reach radio which doesn’t only means we listen radio but also radio stations which have agenda and set some programs, ıt has news programmes and call some people like academician, like singer, like psychologist, like actors to talk about every issue to give knowledges to people who listen them. In addition to them, radio stations which address not only big cities but also local people. Yes, some of them establish and reach all parts of the Turkey like PowerTürk, Kral Fm, Trt Fm but on the other side some radio stations which are established in specific borders and don’t address whole Turkish people. For example; Radyo Ege which addresses to people who live in Aegean area;  Radyo Mercan, Radyo Akdeniz which addresses to people who live in Antalya;  Radyo 5, Radyo Bursa which addresses to people who live in Bursa. There are many examples of these radio stations from all parts of Turkey. (I learn some of these radio stations from this link. http://www.sinemamuzik.com/HaberDetay.aspx?HaberID=6286) Their common characteristic is that regulate their program contents according to local people. In addition, we listen radio everywhere but with entering Internet to our life we listen radio thorough online. We have chance to comment through their social media account. For my opinion, radio is special communication tool,  even if we don’t see people who speak or sing a song , we imagine and this characteristic of radio is depart itself from other communication tool and I think that people who establish cosy relationship with speaker, Dj or other person.

In conclusion, radio which was long history in our life, it was so crucial communication tool in the past before television and technology was  enter to our lifes but today maybe its number of target audience decrease according to my observation because people have fast life, they use mobile phones for communication and it substitudes and manipulates our communication style, communication processes and also communication vehicles are effected so many people who don’t prefer listening radio in their daily life and because of this reason radio loses its importance but for my opinion radio provides people to talk more , share their ideas with other people who don’t see, don’t react or don’t answer to them, maybe this characteristic effect peoples preference to not listen radio but for my opinion attachment with radio is so special for followers or listeners of radio than other communication tools.

Essays on radio broadcasting

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Essays on radio broadcasting

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