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Caspian Border Bf4 Assignment List

[UPDATE] Second Assault is now free on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, as well as PC.

The original story is below.

More free Battlefield DLC is now available as part of EA's "Road to Battlefield 1" campaign. The latest freebie is Battlefield 4's Second Assault expansion, which normally sells for $15. Right now, it's only available for free on Xbox One and Xbox 360, but if this follows with past offers, PlayStation and PC players can eventually expect to get in on the promotion as well.

Originally released in December 2013, Second Assault includes four multiplayer maps, all of which are new versions of ones from Battlefield 3. These include Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm. Second Assault also adds five new weapons and 10 additional assignments.

You can start your download right now using the links below.

The Second Assault page on EA's Origin site still lists the content at $15, while the same is true for the PlayStation Store pages. We'll update this post with more details on those platforms when it's made available.

In May, EA made Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC free as part of the Road to Battlefield 1 campaign. That offer, and others that came before it--for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline alike--was good for one week only.

Battlefield 1 comes out in October for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more, check out this rundown of all of the confirmed maps and modes.

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Does anyone else feel like the assignments either aren't clearly defined or are bugged somehow?

It took me a hell of a long time to get the F2000 unlocked, it seemed like I'd get kill assist after kill assist after kill assist and the ribbons would not appear. IIRC it is supposed to just be 5 kill assists for the ribbon but in one match of Metro CTF using the Airburst and a shotgun with "tag and run" tactics it felt like I had to get 20+ just to get both ribbons.
Another clanmate was with me going for the same thing and expressed exactly the same consternation, like kill assists weren't adding up to ribbons. Maybe the game wasn't counting posthumous kill assists and you had to be alive? I dunno, all I know is the round ended stalemate and I only had 5 minutes left when I got the F2000, he was lucky enough to get it with only 30 seconds left!

For the DAO-12, multiple times I have hit the shutters/gates buttons and got a shotgun ribbon all in the same round but it seems that both have counted for nothing. I have no DAO-12 and the assignment is not partially complete in Battlelog. Is there a specific gate you have to hit?

GOL-Mag. I've gotten the sniper rifle ribbon and it seems to have gone away, and I have a couple of kills off of the Caspian/Firestorm towers but even at the end of the round it didn't say that I had ANY kills off the towers. Is there a specific spot on the tower you have to be?

The only assignment that seems legit so far is the M60. I've gotten 4 of the 5 vehicle kills on Golmund and they are registering properly on BL. The next time I play that map I should have it no prob.

"Perfect Landing". Play 10 hours of SA (2 of 10 so far). Get a kill streak of 10 (not yet). Land on top of the tallest tower in Caspian or Firestorm.

Now I've done the last one once each on BOTH maps by bailing out of a chopper (as a passenger) and it hasn't counted that either, not even at the end-game screen. Which tower is it? I'm assuming the obvious and ONLY tower in each map is the correct one, I landed on the highest point on the one in Firestorm then dropped down to the next level down (highest accessible platform), and on Caspian I landed on the highest level. Nothing.

I can't help but feel like the assignments are bugged. I wouldn't be surprised as I still get prompted for China Rising assignments and they've long since been done and show completed on BL. It might be a stroke of luck to unlock a new gun as far as I have seen... Or maybe it's the punishment I got for ninjaing the AS-VAL before release?


Realized this would probably be better off in "General Discussion". Apologies and thank-you to any mod who would care to move this over.

All bike, all the time!

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