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Payroll Clerk Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Sheffield,

This letter is to express my interest in the Payroll Clerk position you recently advertised in the Gazette. I have superior accounting payroll organization and timekeeping abilities. With five years of payroll clerk experience under my belt I am a top candidate for your consideration.

My current position is serving as the payroll clerk for a manufacturing facility with over five hundred employees. I am responsible for collecting all information calculating taxes and benefits amounts and processing checks on a biweekly basis. By using databases I am able to accomplish all of this as well as to submit tax amounts for deposit with the state and federal governments. My excellent interpersonal skills have allowed me to resolve employee payroll discrepancies and correspond with tact and courtesy. I am able to digitally track earned time paid time off retirement contributions and wages for both hourly and salaried employees. Additionally I am able to track which employees have direct deposits and which receive checks and to have both ready in a timely manner.


Samantha Jones

I almost always hate form cover letters so this example caught me off guard. It's well written and I think it's really good.

Laurie sent me the following example of a cover letter that she wrote using her master cover letter template. Each time she uses the template to apply for a payroll / human resources job, she tailors it for the employer she's sending it to. Very smart!

Form Cover Letter Example for a Human Resources Professional

I made just one change to Laurie's cover letter (in the first paragraph), which I explain right after the letter. Take a look...

Dear Management Team:
Your advertisement for an accounting/human resource team member, appearing May 3 in the employment section of Craigslist, immediately attracted my attention because my previous work experience and recent education make me such a  good fit for your needs.

According to the advertisement, the position requires experience in performing payroll and HR functions for exempt and nonexempt employees in public and private sectors, along with office administration experience. With my background of bookkeeping and retail store management, I believe I have the experience and knowledge you seek. I have experience and education in both accounting and human resources. In addition, I have practical work experience in the construction industry.

Along with my work history, here are a few more qualifications I have to offer your company:

  • An Associate Technical Arts Degree in Accounting ( 2013), and an Associate Technical Arts Degree in Business Administration (2012); with
  • More than 10 years’ practical experience in retail bookkeeping, office, and management positions which include human resources and accounting responsibilities.
  • Extensive experience in effective and accurate data entry utilizing QuickBooks software as well as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Publisher. Passed Microsoft Certification Exam for Excel 2010.
  • Experience utilizing Oracle accounting systems.
  • The ability to effectively follow existing procedures, as well as implement new ones.

I would like to discuss my qualifications and skills with you and answer any questions you have about my enclosed resume. I can be reached by phone any time at (222) 555-2222, either during or after regular business hours. Another convenient way to reach me is by e-mail: [email protected]

I’m looking forward to utilizing my experience and education in the payroll/human resource position with your company.


Why Not Say You're a "Perfect" Fit for the Job

Hello Laurie,
This is such a good form cover letter. Really well done! There’s just one thing I suggest changing — and some people might not agree with me on this. In the first paragraph I would change the word “perfect” to “good” so it reads: “a good fit for your needs.”

Somehow telling an employer that you’re the perfect fit seems presumptuous. I can almost hear the employer thinking, “Perfect fit, heh? Don’t tell me what’s perfect for me!” But “a good fit” seems okay.

Thank you so much for sharing your cover letter example with us. It’s really a good one!

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