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Skate Canada Canskate Coach Assignment Of Lease

Skate Ponoka Regional Coach Wanted

About Us:
Skate Ponoka is a non-profit athletic association affiliated with Skate Canada. We have approximately 25 Starskaters, 15 Jumpstart skaters, and 60 Can/PreCanskaters, as well as 2 Synchronized skating teams. The club executive is made up of parent volunteers, and coaches that work towards the common goal of providing a healthy, positive opportunity for the children and teens in our community to learn to skate, and figure skate.

• Skate Canada Regional Coach in training or higher.
• Provide a photocopy of your Skate Canada Professional Coaching Membership Card
• Be a Coach in Good Standing
• Hold a First Aid Certificate
• Have completed the Making Ethical Decisions online module
• Working towards the new mandatory STAR 1-5 Training and Assessment for coaches.

√ Be able to work professionally and cooperatively with skaters, parents, board members and other coaches.
√ Have a willingness to upgrade your skills and keep current with changes within Skate Canada.
√ Be organized, punctual, and reliable.

Roles and Responsibilities:
To coach StarSkate and CanSkate skaters in semi private and private lessons including travel to competitions if skaters have goals to attend competition. Evaluate skaters and complete report cards for each session. To plan and organize the carnival with other coaches and board members.

Time Commitment:
Tuesdays/ Thursdays/ Fridays and/or Sundays depending on Starskate session skaters are signed up to attend. Season is from September 17 to March 29, 2018

Contact Information Email:

Sept. 11, 2017

Become a Skate Canada Professional Coach

Skate Canada trains and certifies their coaches under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) standards set by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). All coaches must go through Skate Canada’s NCCP and hold an active status. Throughout coach training, coaches earn different NCCP statuses to further their coach qualifications. In this respect, a coach’s NCCP status reflects the level they are qualified to coach. Any coach instructing in Skate Canada clubs or schools must have an active NCCP status and be registered as a Skate Canada Professional Coach for the current membership season.

Anyone looking to take the first steps to become a Skate Canada Professional Coach should become familiar with the CanSkate Coach Training and Certification pathway, as well as the pre-requisites required to begin the NCCP process. For more information, please contact your Section Course Administrator.

The following reflects the minimum NCCP status needed to coach the respective Skate Canada program:

Coaching CanSkate (Learn-to-Skate)

Coaches must hold a minimum In-Training CanSkate Coach status to coach CanSkate in a Skate Canada club.

Coaching STARSkate (Learn-to-Train and higher)

Coaches must hold a minimum Trained Primary STARSkate Coach status to coach on figure skating (instruction or competitive stream) sessions in a Skate Canada club.

Coaching CanPowerSkate

Coaches must hold a Certified CanPowerSkate Coach status to coach CanPowerSkate in a Skate Canada club.

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