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Biographical Narrative Essay Powerpoint

Presentation on theme: "Biographical Narrative: Part 1. Objectives Students will be able to: identify a.Features of a successful narrative b.key elements of their biographical."— Presentation transcript:

1 Biographical Narrative: Part 1

2 Objectives Students will be able to: identify a.Features of a successful narrative b.key elements of their biographical narratives. CA Standard Writing 2.1 Write biographical, autobiographical, or short stories. Key Questions 1.What is a controlling impression? 2.What are the main ingredients for my (auto)biographical narrative? 3.What are the main parts of the narrative’s sequence of events?

3 What are the tasks that I will need to accomplish in order to meet Writing Standard 2.1? Analyze the rubric w/ a partner. Summarize the specific requirements of the biographical essay.

4 What are the rubric requirements? 1. Narrates a sequence of events and communicates their significance to the audience 2. Reveals elements of the character’s traits through specific actions, speech, movements, gestures, thoughts and/or feelings (including dialogue and interior monologue) 3. Describes the setting with vivid sensory details that highlight the controlling impression of the experience

5 The Prompt My biographical narrative will be about ____________________. They are significant because________. I will show their significance by writing about a time when_______ ___________________________. From this event the reader will see that they are ________, _______, and _____________.

6 Your Biographical Essay should be built around your controlling impression. The controlling impression is what you want the readers to think and feel about the person whom you are writing about.

7 Biographical Essay Introduction Body Paragraphs Conclusion Attention Grabbing Opener: (1 sentence that summarizes what you have learned from this person’s influence) ____________ ____________________________ _ Background: Who are you writing about? What is their relationship to you? Why are they worthy of your admiration? (3 sentences)________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ______ Controlling impression: Explain the impact this person has had on your life. (1 sentence) _______________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____ BODY PARAGRAPH #1: Topic Sentence (1 sentence that summarizes your subjects character traits) ____________________________ _ BODY PARAGRAPH #2: Topic Sentence (1 sentence that describes a challenge your subject has overcome) ____________________________ _ BODY PARAGRAPH #3: Topic Sentence (1 sentence that describes the effect of this person in your life) ____________________________ _ CONCLUSION (5 sentences) Topic Sentence (Restate controlling impression using different words) (1 sentence) ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ __ Commentary (Significance of the events) (3 sentences) ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ___ Concluding Sentence (Relate back to opener. Summarize the importance of this person in your life) (1 sentence) ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ___

8 Characters It’s all in the details! Interview your partner about their character. QuestionsCharacter How does the main character think, act, and feel? Main character traits: What motivates your character?Character motivations: What does the character look like? Describe his or her voice. Character description: What unique personality mannerisms or habits does your have? Unique mannerisms & habits:

9 Instead of a traditional thesis statement, in a biographical narrative you should: Narrate detailed anecdotes, or stories, about the person you are writing about. Include : sensory details, direct and indirect characterization, dialogue, interior monologue.

10 The Introduction Opener: One sentence that summarizes what you have learned from your subject. Who is you main character? Write three sentences that provide a background for you subject. These should answer: Who is this person? What is their relationship to you? Why is this person worthy of your admiration? Last sentence of this paragraph should explain the impact of this person on your life. Complete the following Bubble Map. You will use this as support during your Timed Write on MONDAY.

11 Name Looks Sayings Thoughts Life Experience Motivations Relationships Trait What I want the reader to think and feel about the person I am writing about. Why this person is worthy of my admiration. An event, or anecdote, that shows their character and importance in my life. A challenge (or challenges) this person overcame.

Writing A Narrative Essay Powerpoint

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