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Essay Cultural Day In School

A Cultural Function In Your College

Life is at times monotonous and dull. One finds oneself chained to a very dull and dreary routine. One craves for change, for a variety, for a diversion from the soul-killing books, classroom lectures, home work and examinations. A cultural function provides this much desired change. A cultural function adds to the flavor and taste of life and makes it worth-living. That is why, every student looks forward to it with keen interest. I remember every minute of the cultural function in which I participated last year. The Governor of the State inaugurated the function. There was thrilling sequence of solo songs, group songs, dances, one act plays and humorous skits. The Hindi one act play entitled “Shaheed ” was a real thrill. The scene of Bhagat Singh and his associates being escorted to the scaffolds brought tears in every eye. I played the role of Bhagat Singh. The solo songs, group songs and one-act plays regale the audience. The humorous skits evoked roars of laughter. In the presidential speech, the Governor appreciated the young artists and had a special word of praise for me. He announced a prize of rupees five hundred each to the young artists and had a special word of praise for me. He announced a prize of rupees five hundred each to the young artists. The principal thanked to Governor and the audience and declared a holiday in honor of the Governor’s first visit to the college. We came back home happy and gay. It was really a gala day for us.

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The June school holidays were here again. The school's principal, Brother Patrick Leong, declared the last day of school as 'Cultural Day' at school. The students were bemused as to what exactly `Cultural Day' was going to be all about. In order to promote greater racial harmony and tolerance, the children were told to dress in any racial costume Of their own choice for the day. They were also given the task of finding out customs and traditions of a race with which they were unfamiliar. The children became excited at the idea.

On that day, everyone came in the brightest cultural costumes they could find. Even the teachers were dressed in colourful costumes. Instead of the usual monotonous morning assembly, the children filed into the spacious and airy school hall for a presentation of some national costumes by the teachers. At first, the students found it amusing to see their Chinese teachers appear in sarees. They thought that the clothes did not quite match the individual. However, as the day wore on, some students began to think that the teachers looked beautiful in their various outfits.

The students spent their lessons getting to know the traditions and culture of their own classmates who came from different backgrounds. This lesson extended to the area of religion and beliefs as well. Each student tried to gather as much information as he could from his classmates. The collected information was then shared with the rest of the class at the end of the day.

The students found 'Cultural Day' to be extremely interesting and useful in getting to know the customs and traditions of their fellow classmates. By the end of the day, they found that they knew their classmates better when they got to know their backgrounds better.

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