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Sick Of Doing Homework Meme

Homework—love it or hate it, it’s a universal experience for most teachers (and students). And while both sides of the homework debate have merit, why not just accept it and have a good laugh? Here, 17 of our favorite homework memes.

1. Dang, they’re on to us.



2. Pulling. Hair. Out.



3. Life is hard.



4. Listen to Yoda.



5. The REAL reason teachers give homework.



6. Can I get a witness?



7. Homework as dirty word?



8. Making a clean getaway.



9. Teacher reality.



10. Oh yeah, we know that look.



11. Help me understand.



12. If they ask me one more time…



13. Another teacher reality.



14. Umm, umm, umm.



15. Parenting reality.



16. Say what?!?



17. It’s not my fault, really.


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So here are 15 painfully real memes that will remind you what being a student feels like.

15 The struggle of being in the middle class

You know you're screwed when your college life starts off like in the photo above — you can't get any financial aid because you're too rich, according to the government (uhm, am I missing out something? me, rich? lol), and you just can't afford college because the damn tuition fees are so freaking expensive. Seriously, that is so not far! And what's even worse is when you know some people who actually got grants from the government even though they clearly don't need it. Like, what did I do to deserve this? Is this some kind of a cruse that somebody put on my ancestors centuries ago? Whatever the reason is, there's not much you can do about, so, since you can't do anything without a college degree, you'll have to apply for some student loans. And we all know what that means (hint: debt).

14 As a student, you literally have to pay for everything

Once you get into college you''ll realize how expensive everything is. Seriously, you are not ready for this! Okay, it's understandable that you have to pay for accommodation, but if you want to eat, you have to pay! You need books? You have to pay, a lot (seriously, why aren't books included in the tuition fee). You want to breathe some (not so fresh) air? You want to walk on the campus? Talk? Exist? Guess what, you have to pay for all of that! But hey, at least you'll get good education, and a diploma that will secure you an amazing job (LOL, you wish!). Fortunately for you, your parents will always be there to help you out financially. Unfortunately for them, their savings are doomed. R.I.P. parents' savings

13 Being a student is a synonym for being broke

12 Being poor means eating ramen every day, for every meal

Long, long time ago somewhere in Asia a group of people came up with an invention that changed the world completely — yes, I'm talking about ラーメン, I mean ramen! Ever since its invention, ramen has been helping students all over the world not to starve to death, and survive during their time in college. How come, you wonder? Well, when you're in college, your money managing skills are not very good, so you usually spend 75% of your monthly allowance in the beginning of the month. So how do you survive the rest of it? That's easy — you just eat ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day until your parents send you more money. Trust me, it's not as difficult as it seems. However, the only problem is that you'll get sick of it after a week, but that's life.

11 We all know somebody like this

So we determined that most of students are broke, or on the verge of being broke, but they don't complain about it (or they do, but just a little bit). However, there are those students who claim to be broke, even though they're obviously not even close to being broke. I mean, they have the latest iPhones and MacBooks; they drink coffee at Starbucks every day; they get a huge allowance from their parents; and let's not even talk about that huge LCD screen and surround system for watching movies and gaming, that they have in their rooms. Seriously, and you say you're a broke student? Well if that's what being broke means, then I want to be broke as well because I'd really like to own a MacBook and to drink Starbucks drinks at least once a week.

10 And people like this, who don't even attend classes but still get straight A's

Being a student is tough — you have to study a lot, you have a lot of readings, and let's not even start with all those essays you have to write. And in order to achieve that, you decide go to classes every day, and to give your best to be a good students — you listen carefully to the lecturer, you take notes; and you always read some chapters in advance. But then there are those students who literally never come to classes (or if a miracle happens and they do come, they're on their phones playing games or watching Netflix), you see them partying all the time, and yet they somehow constantly get straight A's. How is that even possible? Are they like genius? Or are you just too dumb?

9 This is so relatable and way too real

This meme right here is one of the most relatable memes for all students because it's so damn true. Once you go to college all of your friends will think that you're living la vida loca, and that you're partying and hooking up with people. Your mom on the other hand will thank her baby is studying literally all the time (little does she know, right?). Of course, society has this fake image of college where everybody is just partying all the time, so naturally they will assume that you're a party-animal who went to college just so you could party and get rid off your parents. However the truth is, you're a decent student, you study a lot, you also like to party from time to time, but the main thing you crave the most are naps!

8 You wouldn't be able to graduate without some help

Let's be real here, there's no way in hell you would be able to finish college without using one of the following: Red bull (don't drink vodka kids), Google, and Wikipedia. Not because you're too dumb or something like that. No, because you're just way too lazy. I mean, isn't it much easier (and faster) to use the unlimited power of the internet to do your homework, or to write your essay. Of course it is. And when it comes to Red Bull, remember that it will be, together with coffee, your best friends during midterm weeks. You will have to pull so many all-nighters, so logically you will drink a lot of caffeinated drinks to keep you up. And let's just pretend vodka is not listed in this meme, okay?

7 When you read the first question on a test

Imagine this: it's the finals week; you think you're prepared — I mean, you really studied a lot, you gave your best — you come to the classroom where the examination is held. You don't care about where you'll sit because you're confident about your knowledge, and you're not going to cheat, obviously. So the professor comes in, hands out exam papers, and you're ready to slay it. But then you take a look at the first few questions, and your heart starts beating so fast because you're realizing that you have no idea what those questions are about. You start sweating and anxiety is wrapping its arms all around you. What can you do? Well, the first thing I'd do is take a look at the other students — do they seem nervous as well? I'd feel much better to know that I'm not the only one who's completely lost in the exam. What can I say — that's pettiness at its finest.

6 Why me, why is it always me?

You know that feeling when you prepare well for classes — you read all the notes, book chapters, PowerPoint presentations, and you go to your classes so confident in your knowledge? And then your teacher asks a question, and guess what - you actually know the answer. So you raise your hand, hoping that he'll ask you to answer the question. But no, he asks somebody else. And the again — new question, you raise your hand, he asks somebody else. But then when you come unprepared, or when you're not listening to the lecture, he asks you a question, even though there are so many hands raised. So what do you do? You just try to wing it, duh! However, you will fail, and you will get embarrassed in front of the whole classroom.

5 Contemplating in bed, instead of studying... Yup, that's me

We all like to be a bit lazy sometimes, am I right? I mean, is there anything better than just staying home, watching TV or reading a book, all snuggled up in a warm blanket? I know, it's what dreams are made of. All you need is a glass of wine, and you're in heaven. Well, when ti comes to college, students feel the same. They would rather be gaming, partying, or just watching Netflix than actually studying. And that's what they will do. I mean, who blames them, right? Studying can be so boring sometimes (well, most of the times actually). But when they realize that they have several exams and due dates for assignments next week, that's when it gets interesting. They had so much time to get ready for exams and to do their essays, but now they have to do it all in 4 days.

4 Naps never felt that good

Remember when you were very young how taking naps was literally the worst thing ever? Your parents would basically make you take a nap (you have to understand them, though, they needed some rest as well). Napping as child would mostly mean a lot of screaming and crying, because hey, who wants to nap when they can play??? Well, once you're all grown up you will learn to appreciate naps. Especially when you start college. You'll be tired constantly, and you will pray for some extra time so you can take a nap. And let's not even talk about those power naps that you'll be taking during your midterms. 20-minute-long naps + few mugs of coffee (or few cans of energy drinks) will be your main weapon against exams.

3 When you're a student, Netflix is literally one of your biggest enemies

One of the main reasons why you'll always be super sleepy and tired is Netflix! Yes, yes, yes, we all love it, and we all know that we're spending way too much time watching shows movies on Netflix, but it's so hard to stop! Especially when you start watching some super interesting show, such as Stranger Things, and you literally can't stop — you just play episode after episode, until you've completed the whole season (that's what they call binge-watching). Then you look out of the window and you see the sun rising. "DAMMIT! How will I go to classes? Should I sleep or stay awake?," will be the first thoughts that will cross your mind as the sun rays fall over your sleepy face. You'll decide not to sleep, and you'll attend the lectures. However, you'll be so sleepy that you won't even be able to pay attention to the lecture.

2 Trying to find the motivation to finish this semester

Passing your exams will not be as easy as you expect it to be. Or writing essays — oh, you'll have to pull so many all-nighters trying to finish your assignments. Trust me, most of the time you can't just "wing it" — you will have to study hard and give your best! Unfortunately for you, that will completely destroy you (I'm exaggerating again, it's not THAT bad). You will lose sleep; you'll feel anxious and nervous; you will be emotionally drained. But you will pretend that everything is okay, and that you're not struggling at all. And when somebody asks you something about school, or your grades, you'll just give them a thumb up and say that everything is okay. Little do they know, you're heaving a mental breakdown deep inside, and the stress is killing you.

1 When somebody asks you how your semester is going

Do you know that feeling when you go home for a weekend or for holidays to take a break from uni, and then all of your friends, family, and even those annoying neighbors come to see you? Isn't that the worst? Every single one of them asks you how college is going, and you're sitting there, hoping somebody would change the topic because you can't handle this, considering that you're about to fail so many exams. And let's not even talk about all those assignments that are overdue. But worry not, my friend — somehow you will manage to pass all of your exams (it might take you some time, but hey, don't complain), and the next time your friends and family see you, you will have your head held high.

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