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Emilia In Othello Essay

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The Importance of Emilia in Shakespeare's Othello Essay

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The Importance of Emilia in Shakespeare's Othello

In Othello the Moor, Shakespeare combines destiny with a fatal character flaw and that flaw is jealousy. Shakespeare's tragedy allows one character to hold the key to the entire web he has spun and that character is Emilia. Emilia is the lone character who garners the knowledge to all circumstances of the events surrounding the characters in Othello the Moor. Although other characters in the play are privy to certain details of the unfolding events, Emilia is the character that uses this knowledge to the benefit of the play. Emilia's character is minor yet necessary. Without her character the play would have no means of unraveling the confusion created by the author. Emilia, wife…show more content…

Shakespeare's point in Othello the Moor is that each individual has a destiny and fate is central in the lives of his characters. Othello, a great warrior, is the lead character and the target for attack from a disgruntled soldier, Iago. Iago plots with the aide of his wife, Emilia, to plant subtle notions of jealously in the case of Othello's expedient marriage to Desdemona. Othello loves Desdemona and the same is true for Othello, but Iago successfully destroys the trust between the couple with a scheme in which Othello is unable to control his jealousy. There are several other characters that Iago uses to set his plan into motion such as Roderigo, Bianca and Cassio. Cassio is not so much a willing participant in the scheme of the play as he is a scapegoat (or object of irrational hostility; Webster's Dictionary, 652) to pin the entire plot on. It is known that Emilia's character becomes crucial to the plot, as she is the most essential character to her husband's crusade to destroy Othello and Desdemona.

Iago is angered at being passed over in the nomination of first lieutenant by Cassio; along with Roderigo both are resolved to overthrow Othello. Emilia eventually is privy to the most intimate details of their plans. "I am glad I have found this napkin; This was her first remembrance from the Moor; My wayward husband hath a hundred times Woo'd me to steal it…."

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